Japan investors net foreign debt sellers last 2 weeks

Japanese investors sold a net 428.2 billion yen ($3.6 billion) of foreign bonds in the week ended April 28, before Japan’s Golden Week holidays, capital flows data released by Japan’s Ministry of Finance showed on Thursday.

Details of net investments were as follows (in billion yen). FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN JAPAN: (net)

stocks bonds bills Apr 29-May 5 36.4 391.0 105.0 April 22-28 -379.7 756.4 -434.2 JAPANESE INVESTMENT ABROAD: (a minus sign indicates net selling and inflow of funds into Japan)

stocks bonds bills Apr 29-May 5 65.3 -28.1 37.7 April 22-28 25.1 -428.2 -18.6 Note: – As of January 2005, the ministry changed its calculation methods for weekly capital flows to match its balance of payments figures. – Bonds include beneficiary certificates. – Figures are based on contracts and are rounded. ($1=120.01 Yen) .